Northern Ohio Chevelle Club Membership Application

Northern Ohio Chevelle Club Membership Application

Hello! And welcome to the Northern Ohio Chevelles Club!

First, we wanted to let you know that the annual dues are $25 per year from April through April.

There are two ways you can submit payment:

1. You can send your payment (Check or Money Order made out to "Northern Ohio Chevelles Club") directly to our Treasurer: Ken Smith 478 Seaman Ave, Akron, OH 44305.

2. Ken can accept payments via PayPal. If you'd like to go that route, please submit payment through PayPal to:

Once you have completed this online form and we have received your dues, you will be contacted by one of our officers with details. You will also receive a 'new member packet' that contains everything you need to know about our club and some other goodies. It is very important that you know that we will NEVER sell or rent your information for any purpose. Any information that we gather using this online form or any other method is considered private and will be held in strict confidence.

Now we'd like to give you some insight to our club:

The Northern Ohio Chevelles is more than just a car club. We are a family of friends that continually come to each others aid. Most times, of course, that means helping with a car related project, but it's not uncommon for these friends to help with other projects too, such as pitching in on a home repair undertaking or throwing together a surprise birthday party.

We also like to get together and just have fun. And although our common connection is the cars, they may not be central to all of our activities. For example: Several times a year, we get together for birthday parties, cookouts, picnics, trips to area Casinos, and just about anything else that may apeal to club members. 99% of official club activities are family friendly (kids and family allowed and encouraged). We are also very open to suggestions from members on activities.

These are our club officers (who are all elected by our members):

PRESIDENT: Joe Desmont
VICE PRESIDENT: Gerry Lorkowski
SECRETARY: Mark Meldrum

Our meetings are normally held the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30. Since our club extends to most of North East Ohio, we try to alternate meeting locations between Don Sitt's dealership in Cuyahoga Falls and various other locations on the West side of Cleveland. We contact all members with meeting times/places via email so please be sure to provide us with a working email.

In addition to these events, we also put together an award winning display at the Cleveland Autorama and we host a couple of car shows during the year. Our main event is the Northern Regional Chevelle show that we hold in August at the Strongsville Holiday Inn this year to raise funds and collect toys for the Marine Corps' “Toys for Tots” campaign.

We'd like to stress that we aren't your normal car club. We are not about who has the most expensive, fastest, or the rarest car. We are a bunch of people who love hanging out and having fun who just happen to love Chevelles. We don't care if your car is falling apart, or if you even have a Chevelle. We have several members who either don't own a Chevelle or who's cars are in various levels of restoration (or boxes). So don't be shy! Join us and have a bunch of fun all year long.

Once again, “Welcome to the club!” We look forward to seeing you soon.

PS: You obviously know about our website so please bookmark us and come back often. You will find information on club activities as well as online access to current newsletters as well as all newsletters from the past couple of years.